Andrea Guterres

Composer & Classical Guitarist


Classical Guitar

Tarrega - Capricho Arabe

Merlin - Suite del Recuerdo (Movement I)

Electroacoustic & Chamber Music

Ghost Train (2019) for hyperorgan,performed by Jacob Lekkerkerker at Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam

Faust's Lullaby (2018) for recorder, live electronics, and soundscape, performed by Juho Myllylä and Andrea Guterres at Theaterzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Video Art and Installations

Through the Looking Glass (2020) for soprano and ambisonic soundscape, video by Pablo Réol and Octave Rimbert-Rivière, recording by Viola Blache (voice), Juho Myllylä (recorders), and Sebastien Mitra (harpsichord)

Krems Sound Walk (2021) for headphones (binaural recording), soundscape to accompany a walk around Stein an der Donau, commissioned by Klangraum Krems

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