Photo credit: Joe Horejs

After graduating with Honours in composition from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, preceded by initial studies in classical guitar at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Andrea now dedicates her time to submerging her classical roots in unconventional electronic fusions. This has thus far led to a specialisation in electroacoustic music and programmatic chamber music, with a growing interest in multidisciplinary sound installations and performance. As well as having an extensive performing history, her work has appeared in festivals, venues, concert halls, galleries, and public events throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, and the U.S., including but not limited to: the Guitar Maker’s Festival (Melbourne), Loophole (Berlin), ACUD Theater (Berlin), Sonicscape Festival (South Korea), Mastronauta Cultural Centre (Italy), Kunstort Eleven Artspace onAir Exhibition (‘Kunst in der Glashalle’, Tübingen, Germany), Lion and Unicorn Theatre (London), ISSTA International Festival and Conference on Sound in the Arts, Science and Technology (Ireland), Daegu International Dance Festival (South Korea), MUSLAB International Festival of Electroacoustic Music (Mexico City), OUA Electroacoustic Music Festival (Osaka), Ars Electronica Forum Wallis (highly commended), Bushwick Open Studio, MISE-EN_PLACE (NYC), Tilde New Music Festival (Melbourne), Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), Korzo Theater (The Hague), and the Composer’s Festival of Amsterdam (Orgelpark). During a 2-year expedition in Berlin, Andrea composed for and collaborated with numerous electroacoustic music events, chamber ensembles and soloists, visual artists, and dance companies. Collaborations included work with Chaim Gebber – Open Scene (dance company), Helena Hartmann (performance artist), Elisabeth Kaiser (soloist, alto), Dolce Ombre (recorder quartet), Petrichor Duo (classical guitar duo), Robin Meiksins (flautist), Juho Myllylä (recorder player, guitarist, singer), Pablo Réol (visual artist), Katherine Sultan (video artist), Actora (visual arts duo), Nieuw Ensemble, and Aliina Lindroos/Assi Pakkanen (contemporary dance duo), with whom she composed and co-created ‘Hood’, a 50-minute electroacoustic ballet which premiered in London. Subsidised artist residencies include Art Slimane (Marrakech, Morocco), Kunstort Eleven Artspace (Baden-Württemburg,Germany), Can Serrat (Barcelona, Spain), ARNA Midsummer Music (Skåne, Sweden), MISE-EN_PLACE (NYC, USA), and WOW Amsterdam. Andrea is currently based in the Netherlands, working on her Masters at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and expanding her practice in electroacoustic music, sound art, and chamber music– while occasionally performing on the classical guitar. She actively seeks collaborations with dancers, video artists, and installation artists in particular.